Two Women Chat was born, kicking and screaming, when my good friend and I realised we were getting older and felt there was a much better way of going about it than cauliflower hair and a gentle descent into senility and walking aids (I’m thinking ahead here – we’re only in our 50’s). I’m Alison Archer, by the way, and my friend is Sally Thompson and we are crusaders for growing older whilst still being bendy, still looking good and still embracing new things.

The scary part is we’re old enough now to have seen parents and relations decline as they age, becoming risk averse, unsociable, frail and scared of the world. The problem is that we don’t really know how to make sure that doesn’t happen to us. How can we be certain that for the next (possibly) third of our lives we remain as inspired, active, engaged, interested (and feisty) as we are now?

So we thought we’d set out, to find out – and Two Women Chat will be Podcasts on a range of subjects and issues we think are important in this older-women journey. Sally and I will share with each other what we already know and what we discover and whilst we do that we’ll be sharing with you too. I hope we help.

The latest podcast can be heard by clicking HERE or scrolling down to the bottom of the page, but if you want to hear more then subscribe by clicking on one of the icons below – these are links to where you can download any of the podcasts AND subscribe to hear future ones. You can download podcasts to your phone, laptop, MACbook, PC etc, but you will need to pick a link that will work on your particular make of device. Once you have clicked through then just follow the instructions.

We welcome (nice or constructive) comments to any of the subjects discussed. You can leave your thoughts here: Get in touch or beneath a post.

Thanks for listening….

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