#6 – Death in the Distance

#6 – Death in the Distance

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Menopause – What Happens After Menopause? What are the positives….if any??

In the absence of anyone with first hand experience Sal and I have trawled the internet to find a meaningful answer to the questions: What Happens AFTER the menopause? We wanted to know – what would we be like, both physically and mentally? Is there anything positive we can look forward to?

We had a look at information and articles provided by people who should know and learned that amongst others, some of the benefits of the post menopause are…. because we can see death sharply in the distance it is less frightening and you can’t fall victim to the male accusation ‘are you on your period?’ when you are feeling upset.

Hmmm. You can imagine what Sal and I think of these so-called ‘benefits’. So we looked harder and found many things written about post-menopause to make us truly happy and we share them with you in this last episode of the series.

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